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Case #2: Perioscopy by Suzanne Newkirk, RDH

This patient was referred to Dr. Gottlieb for advanced periodontal disease and presented with generalized 5-7mm pockets in all of the posterior teeth and generalized bleeding on probing. Root planing and scaling had been done several times in previous years, but the patient continued to have periodontal pocketing. Dr. Gottlieb recommended non-invasive, non-surgical Perioscopy treatment.

Before treatment: Pre-treatment charting shows posterior pockets 4-7mm, with generalized BOP on the UR and LR quadrants. 

Pretreatment X-ray shows subgingival calculus mesial #2. Which is calcified bacteria found under the gumline in between the teeth. 

The pocket in that area measures 6mm.

The X-rays of teeth #'s 6-7-8 (the teeth in the front on the upper right side) show that the roots are very short from orthodontics and the X-ray of #'s 6 and 7 show a large space in the bone where #7 had been impacted in the roof of the mouth and brought down into position with orthodontics. 

Treatment:  Treatment consisted of 2 appointments, each two hours provided with local anesthetic.

1 Year post treatment: Tissue is light pink, tight and, firm and now probes within normal limits. The patient maintains a healthy dentition with 3-month supportive periodontal maintenance appointments. 

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