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Case #1: Perioscopy/Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery Saved Bridge Anchor Tooth

Perioscopy/Laser Surgery saved this bridge anchor tooth from extraction and bridge replacement with multiple implants.
This patient was referred to Dr. Gottlieb because he was told that the tooth holding his bridge in place was considered “hopeless” due to advanced infection and bone loss. His dentist advised extraction and bridge replacement with multiple implants.

Dr. Gottlieb reviewed the above options and included the non-invasive Perioscopy/Laser Surgery procedure which is provided in one visit, with no down time to the patient and little to no post treatment pain.

He chose the latter and his results were nothing short of remarkable.

In regenerating the bone around this tooth, Dr. Gottlieb not only saved the bridge from extraction, but saved this patient thousands of dollars in implant surgery, bone grafts and associated crowns. This case shows some before and after photographs and x-rays.

Before treatment: X-ray and perio charting showing advanced bone loss around the anchor tooth on the lower left bridge. Pockets are 8-12 mm with heavy pus and bleeding present. This tooth was considered hopeless due to advanced bone loss through the roots and around the tooth.

13 Months later: The bone has completely filled in and now pocket depths are 2mm on the buccal. The area is now stable and the patient enjoys chewing on his natural tooth while having saved thousands of dollars in implant replacement costs. 
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