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Tuesday, August 28 2012

Initial Exam: June 2004
Rx for infection: Metro/Amox each 500mg x 14, both bid until gone
Perio Clinical Findings:
•The general level of periodontal inflammation is advanced
•Pocket formation summary: many advanced (>6mm) pockets present

•Generalized advanced chronic periodontitis. Advanced in extent with 4- 12mm pockets.
•Class l-lll mobility lower anterior teeth
•#’s 23-26 diagnosed as hopeless

Initial Tx Plan:
OHI for improved OH; Water Pik to be used as an adjunct to regular brushing and flossing
FM micro ultrasonic endoscopic debridement
3 month supportive periodontal maintenance appointments

Treatment; Nov 2004
FM micro ultrasonic endoscopic debridement using a Tony Riso magnetostrictive US scaler with local anesthetic
Teeth #’s 22-27 splinted for stability on the LA

UR Pre Tx; 6-2004
Pockets 4-12mm

LR Pre Tx; 6-200
Pockets 4-12mm

UL Pre Tx; 6-2004
Pockets 4-9mm

LL Pre Tx; 6-2004
Pockets 4-11mm

3 months Post TX:
OH only fair, or inadequate
Compliance w/ spt great for the next 8 years!

8 Years Post Tx
No teeth have been lost!
Pocket depths on the “hopeless” lower anterior teeth now probe 2mm. A reduction of up to 9mm.

To view this case go on the Hygienetown Perioscopy Users Forum, go to:

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