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Perioscopy Professionals

Perioscopy Professionals and TOH Consulting
Offering Comprehensive Perioscopy Instruction, Advanced Periodontal- Endoscopy Skills and Cutting Edge Presentations

"At Perioscopy Professionals, Instruction is Simplified"

Perioscopy Professionals provides the most efficient and effective "Hands-on" instruction, using a 2 handed approach to instrumentation and generating efficiency.

“Perioscopy Professionals makes learning Advanced Instrumentation  Skills fun"                                  

At Perioscopy Professionals, we provide dentists and dental hygienists diagnosing criteria for treating periodontal patients.  Our courses include:

  1.  treatment guidelines,
  2. disease risk assessment,
  3. host modulation therapy,
  4.  clearly defined treatment protocols with “Anti-Infective Agents” to dramatically decrease the incidence of disease recurrence
"We have a Passion for Healthy Patients!"

We are passionate about healthy patients. The passion starts with a commitment to healthy mouths, which to us means a biologically healthy periodontium. The TOH program is focused on obtaining this end result, not only for our patients but for our practices.

At TOH (which stands for "The Other Half"), our passion is stronger than ever. Periodontal disease can be treated successfully, and treating it can be fun and profitable.

Our program is a designed by a periodontist and has been integrated into many general dental offices with overwhelming success.


Dear Suzanne,

With great appreciation and admiration, I am writing this note.

The day you spent with my staff had two very important outcomes. One, your ability to teach and enable them to begin the process of mastering Perioscopy was exceptional. Hopefully we can approach the skill and expertise you currently have.

Your lecture presentation was right on, well received and extremely informative. I was truly fortunate to have you.

The second thing I would like to commend you on was your degree of professionalism. You are an exceptional role model for your profession. My staff felt it significantly, as did the people in attendance.

Thank you again,
Victor M. Sternberg, D.M.D., PC
Westchester Center for Periodontal and Implant Excellence

Advanced Instrumentation


I just want to thank you again for your time and help.  I truly enjoyed working with you and learned so much in the advanced instrumentation course your provided.  You helped me a ton!

I also want to thank you for such a great presentation.  You are an excellent speaker and your information was great!

Thanks again, you are AWESOME!

Amy L. Curran RDH
Implant Coordinator
Dr. Ronald Watkins DDS, MS

Presentation Participants

“I loved this presentation!  It exceeded my expectations in every way… I would take any course Suzanne taught.  She is so motivating and fun” — Geri

“What a breath of fresh air!  Suzanne is a terrific speaker. I loved the clickers.” — Michelle

“The instructor's enthusiasm was contagious and how she engaged the audience was fun and creative” — Shelly

About Perioscopy Professionals / TOH Consulting

Periodontal Endoscopy. Expert "Hands-on" Perioscopy Training and Dental Hygiene Consulting Services. Leading the way in minimally invasive periodontal treatment.

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Leading the way in Minimally-Invasive Periodontal Therapy

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