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What is Perioscopy? Why is the dental endoscope right for your practice?
  • What is dental endoscopy?
    Perioscopy (also know as dental endoscopy) is a procedure that uses a miniature dental endoscope with advanced video, lighting and magnification technology that enables us to diagnose and treat areas below the gumline non-surgically.

  • How does the dental endoscope work?
    A miniature camera is attached to a tiny probe and then gently placed below the gumline. The images are immediately displayed on a chairside video screen for your clinician and you to see. The dental endoscope provides up to 48 times magnification, disclosing minute details under the gums that, before the advent of this technology, might easily be missed.

  • What are the advantages Perioscopy?
    Perioscopy allows clinicians to see subgingivally in the most minimally invasive way possible to provide accurate diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of the periodontal patient. Visualization ensures there is no over instrumentation of the root structure which can lead to sensitivity. Also, the use of the dental endoscope also provides visualization of other dental conditions such as sub gingival pathologies which may affect treatment outcomes if not addressed.

  • Is Perioscopy right for my dental practice?
    If you have patients with one or more pockets over 4mm deep, as well as other suspected dental conditions, then you have candidates for Perioscopy. If you have patients being treated for periodontal disease, Perioscopy treatment gets the tooth root exceptionally clean so that the gums and other surrounding tissues can become healthier.

  • Can my patients avoid surgery with Perioscopy?
    In many cases, the need for surgery may be avoided. Gum surgery is a frequently used therapy for patients with advanced perodontitis. Dental endoscopy offers another option to treat your patients comfortably and effectively without the apprehensiveness and discomfort of surgery.

  • How long does Perioscopy take?
    Perioscopy experienced clinicians can typically provide therapy in a similar time frame as clinicians providing "blind instrumentation". Becoming proficient in dental endoscopy requires training, patience and practice.

  • Is Perioscopy expensive for the patient?
    Perioscopy treatment is often roughly one third to one half the cost of surgery. Patients frequently report that Perioscopy was definitely a worthwhile investment and helped them to save their natural teeth.

  • Does it hurt?
    Dental endoscopy is provided under local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort.

  • What can your patients expect?
    Many times a deep pockets improve significantly, although each patient may respond differently. Independent studies have shown that Perioscopy technology provided by experienced clinicians demonstrate improved patient treatment outcomes. Studies and publications may be found at:

  • What benefits does Perioscopy provide for my office?
    Perioscopy is a game changer for the dental office, especially in the hygiene department. It provides better therapy over traditional "blind" root debridement and increases revenue. Because sub gingival pathologies, such as decay are detected before they show up radiographically, offices utilizing dental endoscopy are able to make recommendations for early intervention and treatment. Dental endoscopy is most frequently used in the hygiene department allowing doctors to focus on restorative surgical procedures. As a result, many dental hygienists using this technology have stated they have improved clinical skills and have increased job satisfaction.

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