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Perioscopy Professionals
Perioscopy Training
Perioscopy Instruction
Perioscopy instrumentation requires a desire to learn, focused attention, practice and patience.

We train with ultrasonics only (hand instrumentation is not necessary with perioscopy).

  1. We recommend magnetostrictive vs. piezo because magnetostrictive is more efficient for changing inserts, especially when providing full mouth treatment and advanced procedures.
  2. Magnetostrictive technology is less expensive overall and the inserts can be recycled (making them "greener").
  3. Clinicians experience less hand fatigue utilizing ultrasonics.

Instrumentation courses are “in-office,” 1 to 1 1/2 days of hands-on training, specifically designed for individual needs.

We provide "Hands-on" instruction for you at your office with:

  • Simulator/Typodont: Two-handed instrumentation and scope adaptation in preparation for patients.
  • Hands-on: Two-handed technique with patient treatment.

 Our courses also include:

  • Consultation for treatment planning;
  • Billing information;
  • Internal marketing information.

For purchasing equipment, or the new Perioscopy System visit Dr. Kwan’s web site.

Perioscopy Training Sessions
Training Sessions
One Day Session (8 hours)
7:30am: Setup
1 treatment room is needed for instruction:
  • for patient treatment and simulator and bench work
  • Note: Simulator and typodont bench work prepare the trainee for two-handed instrumentation and scope adaptation prior to seeing patients
  • Bench practice with typodont models and Perioscopy explorers
  • Simulator practice with the two handed technique; Perioscopy explorer in non-dominant hand, ultrasonic hand piece and insert in the other hand
9am -12 noon: Patient demonstration and begin hands on instruction.
The patient should have pocketing in at least 2 quadrants. Any amount of pocketing is acceptable for demonstration.
Noon-1pm: Lunch

Lunch is eaten in office and the morning’s information is reviewed.
  • The afternoon is for hands-on training.
  • One patient should arrive at 1pm and the other at 3pm.
  • They should have pocketing in at least 2 quads and on opposite sides.
  • The first patient in the afternoon, work on is done on one side of the mouth (UR/LR, or UL/LL).
  • Instrument training for the second patient will take place the opposite side.
  • This allows for the trainee to experience instrumentation with all 4 of the Perioscope explorers in all quadrants of the mouth.

1pm - 3pm: Hands-on instrumentation in 2 quadrants

Note: Pocket depths of 4-6mm are ideal for beginners (but not manditory); deeper pockets that have more infection may be quite challenging due to difficulty seeing through infection.

3pm – 5pm: Hands-on instrumentation in the opposite 2 quadrants from the previous patient.
5:00pm: Cleanup
Training Sessions: Office Responsibilities
  1. The office is responsible for having their Perioscope in working order. This includes water delivery.
    Older scopes relied on water pressure from the dental unit and the water was routed through the back of the scope. Unfortunately, many found that their scopes developed problems with this method of water delivery and an independent water source was developed.
    If your Perioscope has not been outfitted with a water modification kit, you may purchase one from Hunter Dental:
  2. Perioscopy explorers (a minimum of 2 sets of all 4 explorers is recommended)
  3. Enough Perioscopy sheaths available for instruction.
  4. The office is responsible for providing the patients for instruction. A recent set of radiographs and full mouth periodontal charting is recommended for each patient prior to Perioscopy instruction
Note: We typically recommend 3 boxes of sheaths purchased at one time to save on shipping costs. The cost of shipping 1 box (5 sheaths) is the same as shipping 3 boxes.
Training Sessions: Instructor Responsibilities
Note: We recommend a magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler because they are extremely time efficient when changing the inserts.
We have found that typically one insert may be used to provide full mouth treatment by adapting to all root surfaces, even in advanced cases. On occasion, R and L curved inserts may be used in deep furcations and areas of pocketing.

Each trainee receives a certificate of instruction
For more information on Perioscopy Instruction, phone Suzanne Newkirk at: (425) 770-0520, or email:

We coordinate visitors to our office to observe surgical, as well as non-surgical procedures on an on-going basis. If you would like to observe, please contact the office at (509) 542-9111.
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