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About TOH Consulting Services
Dr. Robert  Bob  Gottlieb

TOH Consulting Services is the brainchild of Dr. Robert “Bob” Gottlieb and was developed throughout his multifaceted career to enhance patient health and office productivity.

As a Periodontist, mentor and coach, Dr. Gottlieb has always encouraged those around him to strive to be all that they can, both personally and professionally. As a study club facilitator and speaker, Bob has taught numerous offices how to not only have healthier patients, but be financially rewarded for it in return.

TOH leadership coaching is an all-inclusive, multi-level program which not only teaches doctors leadership skills for successful practice management and fundamentals of comprehensive treatment planning, but provides a comprehensive diagnosis-driven periodontal program.

At TOH consulting services, Dr. Gottlieb teaches the "The Other Half" (TOH) of patient care: auxiliaries practicing to their full scope of education and expertise. Using his model of delivery of care not only provides a vehicle for hygienists to experience more job satisfaction as co-therapists, but become more engaged in overall patient care. This in turn provides better patient results and creates a powerful motivational relationship with patients, empowering them to make better choices for their health.

Click here to learn more about each level of TOH’s Consultation Services, explore the menu tabs at left, or contact us for more information.

About Perioscopy Professionals / TOH Consulting

Periodontal Endoscopy. Expert "Hands-on" Perioscopy Training and Dental Hygiene Consulting Services. Leading the way in minimally invasive periodontal treatment.

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Leading the way in Minimally-Invasive Periodontal Therapy

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